Face and Body Treatments

We offer a range of face and body treatments from ESPA, for women and men, that will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin radiant and renewed.

ESPA Aromatherapy Massage
30 - 60 Minutes

ESPA Aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.

Choose from: Detoxifier, De-stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag, Immune Booster, Energizer, Body Toner.

Includes: Aromatherapy massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage.

£36 Back, Neck & Shoulder

£45 Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp

£50 Full Body

ESPA Body Ritual
120 minutes

This treatment combines a body wrap and massage to restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to body and spirit.

Following body exfoliation, a Marine Algae or Mud wrap is applied and the scalp gently massaged. Once you have taken a refreshing shower, a tailor made aromatherapy massage takes place, leaving you with a sense of well-being, cleansed and revitalised.

Choose from: Detoxifier, De-stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag, Immune Booster, Energizer, Body Toner.

Includes: Body exfoliation, Algae or Mud wrap, Scalp massage, Aromatherapy massage.


ESPA Hot Stone Massage
30/60 minutes

A therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains; helping you to unwind and your body to feel rejuvenated.

£40 30 minutes

£60 60 minutes

ESPA Salt & Oil Scrub
30 minutes

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preperation for an ESPA Massage. For lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.


ESPA Detoxifying Algae Wrap
55 minutes

Balance and detoxify with skin brushing, gentle exfoliation and an algae envelopment rich in minerals to boost the metabolism and speed up the eliminiation of toxins. The treatment includes a full head massage using essential oils for total relaxation.


ESPA Restorative Mud Wrap
55 minutes

Marine Mud is known for its skin conditioning properties and is ideal for dry, dehydrated skin requiring nourishment and re-balancing. This wrap includes a full body exfoliation and an Oriental Head Massage to help ease tension and leave the skin purified and smooth.


ESPA Body Brush & Polish
30 minutes

This complete exfoliation cleanses and refines the skin along with invigorating the body. It can be used as a prepration for an aromatherapy massage or tanning treatment or, if taken in isolation, the body will be smoothed with a Body Silk spray.


ESPA Personalised Massage
75 minutes

75 minutes of pure indulgence tailored to your personal needs and preferences.


ESPA Pre & Post Natal Treatment
55 minutes

Tailored specifically to your needs. Between 12 - 36 weeks only. Please ask for more information.


ESPA for Men

ESPA Mens Shoulder, Neck and Face Massage
55 minutes

Whether your skin needs a deep cleanse, a healthy glow, soothing or hydrating, we encourage our male guests to experience this personalised treatment that combines a relaxing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage with a tailored solution to your skin's needs.


ESPA Back, Face & Scalp Treatment
90 minutes

Renowned as our 'Hero' treatment and loved by all; this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas - the back, the face and the scalp - making it the ideal treatment for anyone.

Available with or without hot stones.


ESPA Age Rebel Facial
55 minutes

An effective, age-defying facial designed to deliver immediate results to tired looking skin, and reduce fine lines.