Hand & Nail Treatments

We offer a wide range of hand & nail treatments from Jessica and NSI, designed to leave your hands soft and your nails beautiful.

File and Polish


File and Polish with French Finish



A complete nail treatment includes cuticle work, hand massage, nail re-shape, prescriptive treatment basecoat and finishing with the perfect polish.


£25 Manicure without Polish

£33.50 Manicure with French Finish

Manicure for Him

A complete nail treatment includes cuticle work, hand massage, nail re-shape and treatment.



IBX is a revolutionary protective treatment system for use under all gel polishes. The two-part system, comprised of IBX and IBX Repair, is the key to protection from soak-off damange and the solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. Both IBX and IBX Repair penetrate into the nail plate and work to toughen from the inside out. It is the first treatment of its kind.


Luxury Manicure

This treatment includes Le Remedi. Thermal mittens are used to nourish the nails, cuticles and hands, to combat ageing, a relaxing hand and arm massage, cuticle care, nail re-shape and treatment. Prescriptive basecoat for your individual nail type, colour of your choice and finishing with a glossy top coat for that perfect polish finish.


£29 Luxury Manicure without Polish

£36 Luxury Manicure with French Finish


This soak off gel polish stays true to Jessica's philosophy of care and protection for the natural nail. GELeration offers the pampering experience of a traditional manicure, with a flawless finish that lasts up to three weeks.

£30 GELeration Initial Application

£33 GELeration Soak Off & Re-application

£10 GELeration Soak Off

£14 GELeration Soak Off, Cuticle work & Prescription basecoat

£6 Single Nail

Nail Extensions

Speak to our highly qualified technician for further advice

£52 Full Set

£31 2 Week Infills

£36 3 Week Infills

£40 4 Week Infills

£8 Single Nail

50p Gems (Per Gem)

£35 Toenail Overlays

£25 Gel removal, cuticle work & basecoat

£45 Gel removal, cuticle work & GELeration

£3 Magpie Glitter - Full Set (Or 50p each)